Wednesday, 18 January 2012

USP for Resume Website

Lead your way through the competition by making a USP for your resume website. Be sure to get a unique identity and advantage over competitors with these tips. 

As the trend of creating a personalized resume website catches up with all job seekers, the advantage of possessing a website against other candidates will be lost in the competition. Hence, before you get caught in this situation and struggle to find a USP for your site, you would better start with the preparation from now. We suggest you a few ways.

What is USP?
USP means unique selling point. It refers to creating an identity for your website that will help the site visitors distinguish the website from that of others. It includes adding content and performing such SEO work that it improves the interaction between the candidate and the visitors.         

Tips to add USP
·        In addition to the professional information, candidates can add personal opinions and experiences on the site. It adds a personal touch and shows the commitment and involvement towards work by the candidate.
·        Mention personal work experiences by citing case studies. You can write about the problems you faced and how you resolved it. Suggest tips on managing time, labor force, profits and law compliance together successfully.
·        Provide links of your website on popular social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook, Google buzz, etc to improve the reach of your website.  
·        Appoint communications manager to ensure a good online repute for your name. Make sure you remove any pages from the internet that have the capacity to ruin your position in the job market. Refrain from putting any personal information.     
·        Post small write ups commenting on the recent industry trends. Encourage readers to express their opinions on your comment. This will ensure more viewership and followers for your website and will add to your online image.   
·        Make sure you dedicate a different section for these details. Do not let it jumble up with your resume details. Or else, the recruiter will consider it as redundant information and ignore the vital details on your website.

There tips were to give an idea on what can be done. You are free to innovate and create your own USPs for your resume website. As long as the information is professional and portrays you in positive light, I believe it should be sufficient.   


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