Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How to make a Personalized Resume Website?

Making a personalized resume website sounds like a big deal at first. However, once you take up the task and understand the nuances of it, you will begin to enjoy your work and take pride in what you have made. To help you in this task of building a website, dedicated towards your professional life, we have provided here a few guidelines.

Get a domain name – Choose a domain that represents you to the world. Preferably, it should include your name. You can add hyphens, dots or initials to your name. It is advisable to opt for a ' .com' domain.

Design the template – Design an attractive yet professional template for your website. Refrain from using harsh colors and decorations. Keep the format simple to allow users to navigate through the website and gather relevant information.

Make sections – Divide the website content into sections. Avoid making the website cluttered. Introduce different segments in the website.  Dedicate different segments for personal and professional information.       

Maintain sufficient content – Ensure each page in every section has sufficient information. It may disappoint the reader to find sparse information. Club two sections together in case you feel you do not have much to write about.    

Ensure Security - Make certain you do not reveal any private information that can put you in trouble. Do not give passwords, information about the security questions or any information that will invite hacking. 

Track Visitors – Design the settings to track the visitors who searched for information about you and went through your website. This will help you get a strong idea about your audiences.

Updating the website – Your work does not get over by hosting the site and uploading the content. It is important to update information on the site with time. It assures the reader about the authenticity of the information provided on the site.

These tips will work as a quick start while launching your personalized resume website. There are various things one can do to improve the appearance and reach of the website, after the website is launched. We will keep posting about the same in the future.  Till then, use these tips and launch your very own resume website.    

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