Monday, 16 January 2012

Tips to make a Video Resume for the Resume Website

Prepare a video resume for your resume website and stay updated with the current times and job search methods.  Follow the tips to create an impressive video resume.

Adding a video resume to your resume website is a great idea to make a lasting impression. Video resumes are personalized and hence help to present the profile to the recruiter convincingly. Follow the given tips to put up a video resume and strengthen your job application.    

Video Resume
·        Wear professional attire while recording your video. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and fit you perfectly. Refrain from wearing party clothes or loud colors.
·        Do not wear any makeup or accessories during the video recording. It portrays a loud personality of the candidate and distracts the recruiter from noticing the vital points of the video resume.
·        Use a camera with a good resolution. Maintain eye level with the camera so that it appears like a direct conversation with the recruiters while viewing. Record the video from the best angle that gives a clear and complete image of the candidate
·        Ensure appropriate lighting to the set. Make certain the candidate’s face is not shadowed and the viewer can see his facial expressions clearly. Test a combination of lights beforehand to get the perfect lighting.
·        Begin your video with a polite hello. Make sure you greet the viewer and name the job you are seeking or applying for.  Include the source of reference and your total experience within the introduction.
·        Do not read the hard copy of your resume as it is. Describe your career profile by highlighting the details relevant to the job in an interactive way. Emphasize on your knowledge and qualities that will improve the organization’s productivity.
·        Conclude your video resume on a courteous note. Thank the viewer for his time and attention. Express the eagerness of meeting for an interview.
·        Ensure the span of the video does not exceed 5 minutes. Make certain you cover up vital details within first 3 minutes.

Video resumes can be an effective tool of making a job application provided it reaches the right audiences in right manner.  Follow the tips to make sure your video resume does the trick for you.

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  1. No problem to create video resume but interviewer would give the time to see the video?