Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Resume Website: Video Resume

We have spoken at length about the different advantages of a resume website. Another important benefit of a website is that it allows candidates to upload their video resumes. Paper or online applications do not provide an opportunity to initiate an interaction with the recruiter which might be a major drawback for certain profiles. Hence, job seekers develop a video where they speak about their careers. Let us see how a video resume strengthens your job application.

Advantages of a Video Resume

·        Video resumes present your personality is positive light.  A professional demeanor and a confident body language help to impress the recruiter in few seconds
·        Presenting your career profile in form of a video provides a proof of your skills and abilities. Your key skills of communications skills, confidence levels, and the ability to make presentations are evident from the video resumes.
·        In case a candidate stays away from the city of work and finds it difficult to come down for multiple rounds of interviews, then a video job application is a good option.  Videos give a fair idea to the recruiters about the candidate's personality. Hence, recruiters may call them directly for technical round, skipping the personal interview.
·        Video resumes are appropriate for those candidates vying for a position in entertainment industry, where the appearance and personality of the candidate are important. Use the visume as your job application only if you are applying for the profiles of actors, models, news readers, air hostess, etc.
·        Candidates can use video profiles to present their project details. If you are applying any designer, music, drama or dance profile, then you can record your work and present  in form a of a video for reference.
·        Visumes can be uploaded on social networking sites such as youtube or facebook. Hence, you can use this platform to hunt jobs.
·        Using visumes portrays you to be ahead of times. Impress your recruiters by keeping up with the times and staying ahead of the competition.

If you are convinced with the idea of incorporating a video resume in your resume website, then check for our next post. We will son give you guidelines on creating one for your profile.


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