Friday, 23 December 2011

Resume Website: Sections

We explained the importance of a resume website in previous articles. We gave guidelines for creating one too. Now, have a look at the different sections that should be included in the website. The purpose of having a personalized website is to provide your professional information to general public and the potential recruiters as part of brand development. Hence, make sure the information presented in the resume website is relevant to your career and future prospects.    
Sections of a Resume Website

Home: Write a brief introduction of the resume website. Present an overview of the details the visitors will get to see on the site. Make sure you greet and welcome your visitors at first.

About: Introduce yourself to the visitors. You can mention your key qualifications, qualities and skills as an introduction. Also, mention your hobbies and ambitions.    
Resume: Present your resume here. Concentrate mainly on your experiences and key skills as that is the main objective of launching your personal website.  

Portfolio: You can present samples of your work in this section. Portfolio can include designs, write-ups, websites, etc as relevant to your work. It gives the recruiter a general idea about you work.    

Achievements: Mention your awards and achievements here. Emphasize on the work performed and how it was better than the competitors. This is sure to catch the recruiter's attention.

Personal Details: You can put details of your personal life. Mention you family background, hobbies, extracurricular activities. Refrain from including too many personal details. 

Contact Us: Make columns to write contact details of people who wish to get in contact with you. You can ask them to leave their name, contact number and email id so that you can get in touch with them.   

There are no stringent rules about designing your site. You can add many sections to the website as per your choice. But make sure the extravagant appeal of the website does not defeat its purpose. Maintain a crisp and professional appeal to the resume website to ensure a wider audience.   

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